About Me

Hello, I’m Wajeeha. It’s so very nice to meet you, and I hope you can stay with me for a cup of freshly brewed tea and a little chat about myself and this blog. I belong to beautiful Pakistan, the land of doodh patti (milky tea) and chappli kebabs (spicy beef patties). I presently live in Bahrain with my tiny family of three, my husband and my food-adoring baby girl. 

I have a long standing passion for food and batter-splattered diaries filled with handwritten recipes. I often spend hours poring over cookbooks, dreaming of meals that are accentuated by the laughter of loved ones and the delicate clink of cutlery against dinner plates. Nothing makes me more excited than discovering a new recipe and gathering ingredients to make it. Standing in the kitchen, chopping vegetables for a spicy chowmein, tempering onions with whole cumin as tadka for daal (lentils), or measuring out ingredients for a simple cake, is where I’m at my happiest.

Growing up, my family moved around a lot, which meant that we were forever discovering the beauty of various cultures and cuisines. Our dining table was a melting pot of cuisines coming together in a colorful kaleidoscope of flavors. Japanese Yakisoba – egg noodles and chicken covered in the most delicious sticky sauce. American hamburgers with the thickest, creamiest vanilla shakes. Belgian waffles covered with a thin layer of sugary icing. Greek gyros served with a thick dollop of tzatziki. Italian lasagne with a desi (local) kick to it. And then of course dishes from our Pakistani heritage such as spicy chicken biryani and comforting daal chawal also graced our family dining table often.

That table, worn from years of family meals, holds fond memories for me. It was where we discovered flavors from around the world. It was where me and my siblings fought over that last piece of pizza. And also where we broke our fasts during the month of Ramadan, eagerly waiting to take that first sip of doodh soda (milk mixed with 7up – trust me it was delicious). It was where we celebrated birthdays, blew out candles on homemade lopsided birthday cakes, and made secret wishes. That table has served us long, has helped us create cherished memories around our meals. 

I created this blog so that I could share my love for food with you. On this blog you’ll see recipes from all over the world, some authentic and some with a local desi touch to it, but all easy to follow and make. I strongly believe that food is the common force that can bring people together from different cultures, and erase borders. For it is over delicious food that we bond over the most regardless of where it originates from. Global recipes are like a looking glass through other cultures. The way green tea is served in Japan, gives us an insight to the importance of being meticulous in their culture. How the Middle Eastern kabsa (golden crispy chicken served on aromatically spiced rice) is served in big platters on darris (thick cloth) on the floor, gives us a peak into the importance of eating together in the Middle Eastern culture. And that’s the beauty of food, that the way it is prepared and served, gives us an insight to how people live across the world. This is what my blog is about, bringing people together over delicious, home cooked food that crosses borders.

And now that I see your tea is almost finished, I hope you’d like to join my family and I over the old family dining table for dinner. Its chairs may be rickety, and the wooden top may be marked with years of meals, but it’s always covered with universal food and promises a happy, laughter filled meal.

Bon appetite!

*Note: I do all the photography and content writing here on my blog, unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use a recipe from my blog, please rewrite it in your words, and link back to my recipe post on your own post. Thank you!