Lighter Chicken Pot Pie

Lighter Chicken Pot Pie

Happy December everyone! Here’s to a month of cozy winter evenings, holiday festivities and lots and lots of fun and happiness, and delicious soul warming meals. Now that it’s officially very cold in most of the places around the world, I thought I’d start this month with a warm, cozy and easy recipe for LighterRead more

Brownie Mix Cookies


A very happy Monday to you! Yes, you, the one who is suffering from Monday blues after a fantastic weekend of having fun doing whatever you do for fun. I know, I know. How can Mondays ever be happy? Mondays mean getting up early for work, or to make school lunches for the kids (whichRead more

Three Easy Christmas Cupcakes

three easy christmas cupcakes

Welcome to Winter Wonderland. Brrrr…isn’t it cold in here? But it’s also filled with festivities, snow days, mugs of hot chocolate…and cute treats like these three easy christmas cupcakes! Aren’t these adorable? I bet all kids and adults would love these cupcakes. And these three easy Christmas cupcakes are so simple, that you can probablyRead more

Cottage Pie

cottage pie

Hello, I’m Cottage Pie, and I’m here to be your new best friend for winters. Don’t you just like the golden bits of crunchiness all over my mashed potato topping, covering a flavorful white sauce and minced beef filling? I know, you want to dig in, so grab a fork and feel free to devourRead more

Reese’s Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake

Reese's Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake

So, it’s been awhile since I shared a chocolate dessert on the blog, and I wanted to make up for that with this ridiculously over the top bursting with chocolate Reese’s Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake. Okay, who am I kidding? I just posted a Chocolate Samosa recipe on Friday :p . BUT that was aRead more

How to Make Chicken Corn Soup

How to Make Chicken Corn Soup

Hi everyone, welcome to today’s soup class! In this class, I’ll be teaching you how to make Chicken Corn Soup which is perfectly delicious for those chilly evenings that are quickly descending upon us. Errr, okay maybe not descending on me exactly because I live in the Middle East which is basically a desert, butRead more

Easy Oatmeal Blackberry Jam Bars

Easy Oatmeal Blackberry Jam Bars

Happy Friday everyone! I have an easy peasy treat for you today…whether you want to have these Easy Oatmeal Blackberry Jam Bars for breakfast (I highly suggest as breakfast with a steaming hot mug of coffee) or as a snack…that’s totally up to you. While a bowl of warm oatmeal sprinkled with maybe some cinnamonRead more